Spirit World Regression

Did You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions?

Do I have Spirit Guides?

Why Did I come to Earth?

Do I have a Soul Family?

What is a life review?

Have you ever asked yourself “What will happen when I die?”

 A spirit world regression (SWR) – sometimes also called spiritual regression or life between lives regression (LBL) – is the soul’s journey after physical death and between physical lives (incarnations). SWR hypnosis allows access to the soul’s memories in a higher state of consciousness, which is called superconsciousness. This enables us to build a bridge between the individual incarnations and connect with our own immortal soul in the afterlife. This means that spirit world regression is both a supplement and a further development through a regression into past lives.

A spirit world regression is not a journey along the axis of time. Instead, it is a journey in the present time to your spiritual home – a homecoming across dimensions. As soon as we are connected with our higher selves, we do learn so much about who we once were, but rather who you are today and why.

A spirit world regression helps you:

  • To review your entire karmic development through a multitude of lives in this world in different bodies taken from the perspective of our true home: Why did you choose this current life, family and body?
  • To recognize the connection between experiences from this life and previous lives; You understand what you need to work on.
  • To find answers to age-old questions by means of the condition of expanded personal perception and comprehension: Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? Where am I going when I die? What is the purpose of my life?
  • To experience how it feels to die; Leaving one’s physical body and to be received by beings from the spiritual realm.
  • To meet your soul family and companion with whom you will be born together again and again for many years in oder to work on oneself, develop oneself and support each other.
  • To communicate with spiritually advanced beings (also referred to as elders) who are full of wisdom and no longer incarnate physically. They will offer you spiritual guidance, answers to important questions, as well as an assessment of what progress you are making on your spiritual path.

The deepest experience within the scope of a SWR session is probably meeting your own soul guides. These wise beings have been put at your side from the very beginning, and they communicate with you during a hypnosis session in such an impressive and profound way that this encounter will have a deeply therapeutic effect on. This experience ultimately allows you to realize that you always have a personal connection with a higher power. They help us to better understand our mission in our actual life.

We will start to understand that there are no coincidences in life and that you have the possibility of changing or growing at any time. You will experience the unconditional love that surrounds you in the spiritual world while you learn and continue to develop. A change of consciousness often occurs when you get in touch with the transcendence of your soul, the beauty of your soul’s true home, and the presence of love and order in the universe. This gives you deep and life-changing healing, clarity, a new perspective, and insight, as well as a deep sense of purpose and destiny in your life in the here and now.

Who should undergo a spirit world regression?

Spirit world regression can help people who are motivated by curiosity and those who try to find answers on the most fundamental questions of life so that they can understand the essence of their being and its destiny. SWR can also be very helpful to people who are interested in the topic of life after death. It also frequently has a deep healing effect to know that an indescribably beautiful experience with unconditional love awaits you after your life and that you will meet once again with those who have meant so much to you during your lifetimes.

This work has shown that the very personal experiences from SWR sessions will change your life in a lasting way. Due to the emotional and spiritual depth of a life between lives regression, I strongly urge you to do a past life regression before a LBL session because of the very important insights that await you. Then you can better understand and analyze these in the following SWR session. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to become familiar with the intuitive flow of information that is customary during such a spiritual journey.