Soul Regression

Healing The Wounds of The Soul

What Is 

“Soul Regression?”

Have you experienced overwhelming bouts of sadness, anger, guilt, shame, fear, and you have no idea why? 

Well, “Soul Regression” allows us to dig down into the emotional body and find out where these emotions are coming from.

After becoming aware of the lodged emotions we are then able to release and heal the emotional body which in turn will heal the physical body.

Often times these bouts of anger, sadness and fear do not even belong to us. I work with releasing Spirit Attachments and Lost Souls with a loving kindness because everything comes from Source

Energy Philanthropy

I am Here to "set the doves free"

So, what is energy philanthropy? Energy Philanthropy was induced to me by Marina Jacobi through her channeled messages through the Council of Nine. It is a system of replacing the money structure with energy of the heart and you give without expectation or something in return. I am looking to create this reality of abundance based on sharing and giving. It is important to maintain this vibration at all times to create this reality. At this time, I am looking to share my abundance one day a week and hoping to be able to create this timeline for myself and be in a position where we are all giving from the heart on a regular basis.

I want to crystallize this timeline of reality because our reality is a mirror image of our thought’s deeds and emotions, I am choosing to be it, to see it. This is part of our quantum structural existence. To transition into Energy Philanthropy, we need to start the change and start giving our knowledge for free. Let people choose where they want to help and in what way and what form. I intend to be a start for this movement.

I will be offering a Level 1 Soul Regression session, using Energy Philanthropy,  every week on Wednesdays from 11pm to 2pm. Because I live in a reality where money is still required to pay rent and buy food, donations are greatly appreciated. My hope is to create a ripple effect in our fabric of reality through the quantum structure. Love is the answer, love is the movement, love is the essence of the now.

“Let this be from my heart to yours, I love you.” -Shay Sisler-