Our worst pain, our deepest fears, and our most affecting traumas are buried deep within us. We carry these invisible traumatic scars from the past. Sometimes these scars are as simple as your mother walking out of the room when you were a baby and you felt abandoned. Even though your mother only walked out for 5 minutes. 

We frequently cannot remember either the event that caused the trauma or the immediate results of these events. Only the scars are visible in the form of behavioral problems. But the events have not disappeared from the memory or the body; they are recoded deep in the unconscious mind.

The events of our birth and the nine months in the womb are recorded in the unconscious mind as well. You hear every conversation your mother has; you feel every emotion she is feeling and when you are born you think these emotions belong to you. Well guess what? They don’t!! And we need to give them back to the sender.

This is a non-hypnosis technique. Hypnosis handicaps the client in this method. We want you, the client to have control and take positive action towards “erasing” the unconscious incident. We want to keep the conscious mind aware of what is happening. This allows you to interact with the event and feel how it is affecting you.

We begin with listening to the body and following what the body is feeling at the moment. We allow the memory to surface on its own and explore the first memory to pop up.

When the unconscious mind has tapped into and begins to “play back,” these events, you will often times find recall of these events very emotional and sometimes traumatic.

We work through the memory and work back to the origination point of the trauma and often times find events stretching far beyond the limits of this lifetime. These events are clearly recorded in the unconsciousness mind and operate just like a tape recorder.

Our task in a full one on one session is to discover these events, expose them, and take the emotional charge out of the event and release it from the body.

We can look at these events and gain a better perspective as an adult instead of from the eyes of a child. This allows us to better understand what was happening at the time and process it from a different lens.