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Join me as we help our world “Set The DOVES Free”

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Free These Trapped Emotions!

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March 29th, 30th, & 31st, 2024

Have you experienced overwhelming bouts of sadness, anger, guilt, shame, fear, and you have no idea why? 

Well, “Soul Regression” allows us to dig down into the emotional body and find out where these emotions are coming from.

After becoming aware of the lodged emotions, we are then able to release and heal the emotional body which in turn will heal the physical body.

Soul Regression is a combination of all the classes I have taken (See below) 

The videos I have watched and the books I have read. 

We are here on this planet at the most amazing time. 

I have chosen to be here at this time to help Light Workers lighten our load,

in order for our lights to SHINE bright!! 

If our lights are bright, we can help others awaken. And as we all awaken, we will 

remember our GREATNESS!!!

Many of my clients have been told “You are a piece of the puzzle. Get out there and do your craft!”

I have been told I am the gatherer of the puzzle pieces.

So, join me as I gather the puzzle pieces for this amazing weekend workshop. I will share with you all I have learned through the many hypnosis techniques I have encountered. You learn how to “Set The Doves Free.” It is our mission; it is our journey.

In this workshop you will learn how to…

  • Build rapport with your clients
  • Use 2 different induction methods
  • How to use questioning in the client interview and through the guided events
  • How to navigate through past life/current life events and so much more…
  • How to instruct your clients on how to heal themselves
  • Teach/ learn how to connect to the Higher Self
  • We will have many practice sessions with one another.
  • You will become a member of the continuing support group after the workshop
  • Receive business advice on how to get your business going
  • How to find clients

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Mission Statement

Our organization is a collective of committed community members with a will to be of service to those blossoming spiritually and to gently lead others to the light in our everyday lives. Together, we share our talent, learn from one another, expand our arsenal of tools, commune, and collaborate to shine beyond our group and to the world we love.