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BQH | Beyond Quantum Healing

Candace Craw-Goldman

BQH is a heart based healing and consciousness exploration modality and was born from a great need for healers of the new earth.

We as healers are naturally moving towards more freedom and inclusiveness, so BQH just starts here.

This is a process that can help shift things in your world, it could be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It can also help you understand the root cause of a persistent life challenge. It may help someone who wants to create more joy, ease, abundance and passion in their life. It can also help bring understanding to a difficult relationship.

BQH can also help you connect to your own inner wisdom, your own healing potential and your own divinity.

It is a concept as much as it is a modality. It welcomes the creative use of all kinds of tools such as, hypnosis, guided imagery, medium-ship and psychic skills,  energy healing and even things like Light Language.

This method celebrates individual perspectives and allows a practitioner to use all the skills, tools and knowledge they have acquired throughout their life. It also allows them to use all their creativity, flexibility and intuition to best help their client, based on how they are being guided, to provide the highest quality experience for the client during their healing sessions.

This modality prepares you to assist clients not only “in person” but also via the Internet.