Past Life Regression

Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions?

Who was/am I?

Where do I come from?

How did I get here?

 What is my purpose?

The belief in reincarnation is as old as humanity. It is possible to remember past lives through the appropriate hypnotherapeutic methods.

Past life regression (abbreviated as PLR) will take you back to a previous life. The soul can retrieve experiences that have been gathered as a different physical person and share these soul memories in the here and now with the current human consciousness. It is, therefore, possible to relive past experiences with all of their feelings and emotions or just refresh these memories as an observer. You can become conscious of correlations that are related to our current life in this process. This allows you to understand why you are faced with certain situations and difficulties, and why you are afflicted by certain fears, blockades, and physical ailments.

Past life regression sessions help you:

  • To learn more about your karmic connections and better orient yourself in your present life.
  • To learn the lessons that you should actually learn in this life.
  • To find new approaches to problems that have existed for a long time.
  • To avoid repeating the same behavioral patterns and mistakes.
  • To free yourself from debilitating remnants of past.
  • To become one with yourself and be healthy, optimistic, and happy.

Past life regressions can also frequently uncover deficits and provide information as to why you may suffer physically or mentally. This comes to include panic attacks, guilt feelings, fear of loss, listlessness, diseases, lack of self-confidence, allergies, phobias, and relationship problems of every type. Some of these conditions have anchored themselves in your subconscious even though their cause may lie in a different time and another life where they were or should have been resolved long ago.

You can try to actively address the various topics that are important over the course of a past life regression. What we dream or imagine with our human consciousness in the here and now does not always correspond to what our soul feels and how it assesses the respective situations. However, it only shows us our earlier lives and their unique situations, which, on the one hand, are of use and interest to our present being, and with which we can also deal with in retrospect deal, on the other hand. However, this can significantly deviate from what you now see as important on your level of human consciousness.

Trust your soul and allow it to make a free choice. Each soul, which undergoes a regression, knows precisely what it wants to see once again and wishes to communicate with the human consciousness. The reliving of past events is not the focus of a past life regression; instead, the important aspect is what the soul has learned from it and would like to do differently in this life as a result.

In general, a regression will make you more aware of your soul’s immortal existence. This will especially change your basic attitudes toward both life and death, which is then no longer the final destination of all existence.