Preparing For Your SOUL/QHHT Regression Session

If You have booked an online session, see more information at the end of this document 



Please bring an 8 GB flash drive. You may or may not remember much of what was said so I will send you home with an audio/ video recording of your full session.

If you have questions, please bring them written or typed on 8.5 x11 paper with 1 line spacing between the questions in case I need to make notes. (Write only the question)

In the days before your session, practice closing your eyes and bringing your awareness to parts of your body where there is tension – breathe into that space until you feel the tension lessen or dissolve. Remain in that space for as long as you can, just locate any tension until your entire body is easily and effortlessly relaxed. This practice will help you relax during your session and help to ensure going into the deepening gateway.

If you would like to experience an online Pre-Past Life Regression Session before your session visit my YouTube channel or go to the bottom of this page, where you will find a Past Life Meditation I have recorded to help assist you in going into the deepening gateway. This may also help you get use to my voice.

Please wear very comfortable clothes. You will be lying on a recliner, in a quiet, cool room, with a light blanket during the session. Please eat only a very light breakfast or snack before the session. We will ensure that any restroom needs are taken care of before the session. Please take only medication or herbal supplements that you regularly consume. For best results, DO NOT take any sleeping aids or mind-altering substances before coming to the session. For best results DO NOT drink alcohol the night before or morning of your session. Your Divine Self knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and all past lives. Your Divine Self will share only information that is appropriate at this time and is of benefit to you. The Divine Self is caring and protective in the QHHT/SOUL Regression Session. A feeling of immense power and immense love can be experienced when in contact with your Divine Self.

In the days before your session it is important to write down questions you may have to ask your Divine Self. Depending on which option you selected will determine the number of question you may ask. We will spend some time discussing your questions or what it is you hope to gain from your session before going into the deepening gateway. My goal is to help you move forward in your life and “Heal The Wounds Of Your Soul” in order for you to discover your life purpose, find emotional happiness, and gain physical health. 

In your session, your Divine Self is in control and will ensure that you are shown only that information which is helpful for your life at this time.

About the Session:

Your Divine Self has the ability to identify areas in the physical and emotional bodies that need to be addressed.  The Divine Self can help us understand the causes of these physical and emotional disruptions in your body. These disruptions can be from your current life, or a Past Life. It could be something from your ancestral bloodline or something you gathered in the womb. We will explore these options to determine our plan of action. 

If appropriate, we will ask for healing, and if possible we will get the healing necessary for your situation. Very often, simply understanding why the illness or discomfort is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and/or removed. 

You will be in the deepening gateway anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of session you have chosen. 

Please bring some questions you would like to ask your Divine Self. Here are the guidelines for the number of questions to bring for your session type. 

1.5 to 2 hour session – 2 to 3 question

2.5 to 3 hour session – 4 to 5 questions

3 to 4 hour sessions – 6 to 8 questions

4 to 5 hour session – Up to 20 questions

Please be advised, Healing always takes precedence. If the time is taken up with healing and there is no time left for questions, they will be by-passed in this session. You can always make another session or make other arrangements for more time. There will be a fee for additional time needed in a session. This will be discussed prior to going into the deepening gateway.

Healing can only occur if you want to be healed and it does not interfere with your goals for this lifetime. Remarkable healing has occurred with QHHT/SOUL Regression Sessions. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations. Please keep in mind you are the healer,  I am here to help guide you on this journey. 

After the Session:

Immediately after exiting the deepening gateway, while you are still in the reclined position, we will take some time to get you grounded into the here and now and discuss what you experienced. This will allow time for you to get grounded and acclimated back into this life. 

After a session, most clients feel awake refreshed and energized, however some will feel very tired and relaxed. Please take the time to care for your body. Sleep and rest if that is what your body requires. 

You may need to eat and drink immediately after the session so bring a light snack and something to drink. We will take 20 minutes or so for discussion as you get grounded back into the energy of your mind, body and spirit.

Your energy centers will be open for the next 3 days so pay special attention to dreams, messages and connections with others. This is another way your Divine Self and Guides can communicate with you.

Please listen to the recording, in privacy. After listening fully, you are then free to share with whomever you choose. Please keep your recording safe. I will supply your initial copy free of charge and I may or may not keep your audio and video on file. If a file is requested at a later time and I still have the file, there will be a $20.00 research and copy fee. 

Thank you. I am so looking forward to our amazing, successful session. If you have additional questions please feel free to call me. 702.610.51767

Online Soul Regression Session

  1. A few days before your session, please watch for a link to my ZOOM account. I will send out a link for your Soul Regression Session.
  1. In order to use Zoom, you must have an internet connection with a minimum of 600 kbps. You can test your bandwidth if needed by going to this link. 
  1. It’s important to ensure you are using a laptop with a good webcam (best media) in order to get the proper camera angle.
  1. Phones and tablets can be used, however, there is a much higher risk of them falling during the session. If you are using a phone or tablet, be sure it will be secure and, in a position, to keep from falling over.
  1. The camera angle needs to be pointing away from any windows. The light glare from the window can interfere with the clarity of the image I will see of you. This is like taking a picture of someone with the sun directly behind them. When this happens, the image turns out very dark and I will not be able to see you clearly.
  1. The camera angle and lighting are critical, in order for me to monitor your expressions and body language. This will also provide you with a good quality video to watch later.
  1. Please wear light clothing in a well lite room. You will not be sleeping and the minute you close your eyes you are in the deepening gateway where we need you to be. (A very light state of trance)
  1. If needed, have a headset with speakers and a microphone connected to your laptop so you aren’t relying on the laptop speaker to pick up your voice. There might be times when you will turn your head and whisper. This can make it very difficult for me to hear you and understand what you have just said. It may also cause me to repeat questions and answers.  I may also instruct you to reposition. If this happens it will not interrupt our session but the headset with speakers and a microphone helps the session flow so much smoother.
  1. It is important you are alone and uninterrupted. If you have children, it is important, they do not interrupt. This includes animals/pets as well.
  1. Please make sure your laptop is plugged in. This will eliminate any chances of your equipment losing power during our session.
  1. Be sure notifications are turned off on your phones, tablets or computers. Any unexpected sound could take you out of the deepening gateway. 
  1. If we lose internet connection, simply get up and reconnect the computer or simply call me on your phone. I will want to make sure you are properly counted out and grounded in the NOW.
  1. No worries if you fall asleep and I cannot wake you, you will simply sleep it off.
  1. Be sure there are lights on in the room. In some cases, we may start your session during the day when there is lots of sunlight coming into the room. But, as the sun goes down, the room will begin to get very dark. Not having a light on in the room will leave us conducting your session in the dark. We need lots of light.
  1. Keep your hands and legs uncrossed during the session. This ensures the flow of energy is always open.
  1. After the session I will send you a copy of your session through google drive. You will have 1 week to download the session and then it will be unavailable for download.
  1. Please use the restroom before your session. But if you need to use the restroom during the session, be sure to let me know. Also, have a clear path to the restroom. If you need to use the restroom in the middle of a session, be aware, you are purging and you are still in a state of trance. This is similar to what it’s like to get up and go to the restroom in the middle of the night.

Thank you. I am so looking forward to our amazing, successful session.

Shay Sisler

Pre-Past Life Self Regression Session