Join Us for Group Past Life Regression


May 23rd, 2019 

6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Please join us for this special 2.5-hour unique experience in a group Past Life Regression. This special event will include introductions and a pre-talk about what hypnosis is and what it is not. 

  • We will discuss question you might have about hypnosis and Past life Regression. 
  • We ill share a few client stories of Spiritual Guidance from past lives connecting the past to the current life. 

We all hold memories of our past lives deep within our unconscious minds. These memories surface from time to time in dreams, meditations, or a sudden flash or insight. Or, they may wait tantalizing just below the surface. We can sometimes embark on this amazing odyssey into your soul’s history and uncover the root cause of present issues.

This process can help to…

  • Release stuck emotions and energy.
  • Help understand and heal relationships. 
  • Connect to past talents and interests. 
  • Find your path and purpose in this lifetime.
Bring a pen or pencil and a notebook. We will take some time to write down your experience and then those who want to share can share their experience. 
Treat this session like a sacred vision quest by clearing extra space and time in your schedule to reflect and enjoy your experience Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a pillow and blanket if needed to relax and keep warm (sometimes the body gets cold when lying down). Come with an open heart and an open mind. Do your best to release all preconceptions and expectations. Whatever occurs in your session is exactly what is meant to occur at this particular time in your current life. 
Drink plenty of water and allow yourself to relax after your session.