I have been profoundly moved by my past life regression experience last week. It was transformative. I think about pieces of it all the time. Integrating as I process. I cannot thank you enough. I love your style, you have great energy and you wore a magenta colored shirt, which means a lot to me. You made me feel so comfortable and the room was a place I would return to for a nap. After describing my session to my husband, he said it sounded more useful to me than therapy and I could not agree more.

Thank you for your healing services. You have a gift.


I am a spiritual woman and I studied hypnosis prior to having a session.  I wanted to learn about myself and remove any blocks I may have had and receive messages I needed to hear in order to grow.

Shay is absolutely amazing!  She is easy to talk with and I trust that she always has the best intentions and works from a place of highest good for all.  She is genuine and makes you feel like you are at home when you are with her.

Hypnosis isn’t what I thought it was.  I was fully aware the entire time.  It was like I just knew what I was seeing.  I didn’t actually see it like a movie, but I sensed it.  I traveled to a couple different lives in different time periods.  It was fascinating.  You almost feel like you are making it up, but you are not.  It is real.  When you have a session, just go with it.  You will learn so much.

I experienced interesting body sensations and personality/ voice changes during my session.  When my higher self had important things to say, I spoke loudly and with conviction.  When my dad came through my body felt heavy and warm and my voice was soft and subdued.  When my daughters higher self came through I felt my head being pulled up to the left and my voice was upbeat and happy.  I also received messages from my cats which was touching and I sobbed.

When your higher self is talking, you don’t think at all, the answers just come.

Shay explained things very well and she told me I would be open the next few days after the session and to pay attention to thoughts and feelings I have.  A lot is going to change in my life in the next year and I could feel that energy very strong.  On the 3rd day I had an emotional release.  The tears I cried released sadness and pain I didn’t realize I was holding on to.  After the release I felt relieved and now have a new sense of hope for the future.

I highly recommend doing a session with Shay.  It is a wonderfully beautiful experience.

I want to recommend Shay Sisler for QHHT therapy. She is amazing therapist who will guide you and help you to find answers to the questions that are bothering you through past life regression. She takes time to know you and to understand what you want from the therapy. Seeking alternative healing methods will open your mind and will improve overall well being.
After I did QHHT therapy I was a little confused.  I imagined hypnosis would affect me in a different way. Like most people I thought I would have pictures and a clear vision of my Past Life, but non of that came for me right away. We made several attempts to visualize for I was not seeing anything.  In my mind I refused to cooperate. Shay was very patient. After I realized that I should go not by vision but by intuition or by thought the session went very well. I would just explain the first thought that came to my mind.
After my session I was in denial. I thought it was just my imagination and hypnosis was not real. But it was! And I will tell you why. Through the session I was conscious and I remembered everything. I even knew all the questions that Shay was going to ask me, but the answers were not what I had expected. As most people who know me, I analyze my problems and logically I know the answers to my questions.
However during the session my answers were different than what I would have answered in my conscious mind. They were from my “Highest Self” or I believe they were from my heart and not my mind. Some of the answers I did not like. I  was telling myself I needed to change. For example my Higher Self told me “I live for my kids and my husband and I expect them to live for me too, but they have their own interest, hobbies and friends and I should not feel lonely and angry because of that.” I was advised to start loving myself and get my own hobbies instead of nagging at them. In my conscious mind and in real life I would never had made that statement because I felt I was a victim of my circumstances. I give my family so much of myself, all my time, all my energy (I am stay home mother).
My husband does not have much time for me, my kids want their friends and experiences, without me. In my heart I knew the advice I was receiving  was valid and true. I do neglect myself and I need make to make these changes.
After my session my vision was blurry for the first 2 minutes as I come from the hypnotic state which proved to me I was in trance.
I did not get answers to some of my questions. For example, health question were not really answered as no thought or vision came to my mind (why I have crepitus, or back pain or skin problems or my daughters eye) This information was not provided clearly to me even though I tried and took time – no thought came. Or after death I could not “see” or “feel” the spirit guides clearly, how many? how they looked? and I could not communicate well even telepathically. (I took time but no thought came or it was not consistent)
I am super emotional but I could not get the answer how to lower my emotions and how to deal with them.  But overall I am happy I came and I think the session went great.
Shay’s comments: Lina was given the information about here conditions. She was told by her Higher Self when she learns to love herself most of her physical conditions will be healed. These conditions are there for her to learn from.


The unique experience I had was the unexpected feelings. I didn’t expect to feel the strong emotions that came with the past life experiences. One of the questions asked during the session gave me an electric rush of energy that I’ve never felt before.

It was interesting to find out the physical effect of the session. I was very tired in a good way. I think I had the best nap that afternoon than I’ve had in a long, long time. I get flashes of the session every now and again and I try to stay quiet when that happens. Overall an amazing session.