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+ What is QHHT?
+ What does science tell us about hypnotherapy?
+ What accreditation does a QHHT practitioner have?
+ What’s a QHHT session like?
+ What kinds of questions would I prepare for my session?
+ What do people experience before, during and after their session?
+ Do I really have past lives?
+ How can QHHT benefit me?
+ Can QHHT harm me?
+ What if I can’t reach the desired level of hypnosis?
+ What does a QHHT session cost?
+ How often or how many times can a person see a QHHT practitioner and what benefits might that have?


What is QHHT?

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, a hypnosis technique/system developed by Dolores Cannon throughout the last 45+ years. It was through her experience with hypnosis in the 1960s, well before New Age concepts and metaphysics gained popularity, that led her to pioneer the most popular method of healing involving past life regression and exploration. Dolores passed away in 2014, but left behind a wealth of information for the healing industry and well trained individuals to continue her legacy.


What does science tell us about hypnotherapy?

The Nature of Hypnosis is a body of work collaborated on by expert psychologists hired by the British Psychological Society to determine a conclusion about hypnosis and publish it’s most current and credible scientific research. The final report opens with “Hypnosis is a valid subject for scientific study and research and a proven therapeutic medium.” and goes on to tell us “Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.” Hypnotherapy can be a beneficial approach to any dis-ease in one’s life or just to satisfy one’s curiosity and further discover themselves.


What accreditation does a QHHT practitioner have?

To insure the integrity of Dolores Cannon’s method, QHHT, a rigid learning system has been put in place to certify practitioners. Practitioners are able to practice with live clients as soon as they’ve accomplished Level 1, 2 or 3. All levels require thorough understanding of coursework, experience facilitating sessions and a review/feedback exchange with their course instructor.


What’s a QHHT session like?

Clients will be advised of any preparatory instructions prior to their session, including the task of creating a list of questions they have about their physical health, emotional happiness and life purpose. This list will be thoroughly discussed before you are induced into the hypnotic state so that your practitioner has clear guidance on what you’re seeking to gain from the session and can direct it appropriately. Your practitioner will record your session for you to keep. For some it’s important to know that you will remain completely conscious, yet relaxed during your session. Using QHHT techniques you will be guided to complete relaxation where your subconscious and higher self will be able to offer you the information you and your practitioner previously discussed. A typical session will guide you through 3 past lives that are relevant to you at the time, contact with your higher self and an opportunity for healing before you are guided back to waking state.


What kinds of questions would I prepare for my session?

To capture your truest inquisition and session intent it’s important not to place too many restrictions on your conscious mind. It’s best you set aside a time and place for you to relax while writing your health, happiness and purpose questions and discuss them with your practitioner at your session for the most precise insight.


What do people experience before, during and after their session?

It’s common to feel excited or anxious before your session, but you’ll be surprised how those feelings dissipate during your initial discussion with your practitioner and you’ll find yourself pretty well ready to relax by the start of your hypnosis. The goal of your hypnosis is a very deep relaxation that allows your mind to bring forth the information asked of it with the practitioner’s expert guidance. You will not be unconscious, just deeply relaxed. Emotions of past lives can occur during regression, but you are in a safe environment to experience any onset of emotions and your practitioner will guide you through it unharmed. Immense healing can also take place during a session and many report feeling lighter, more energized coming out of the hypnotic state. These are some of the most common experiences, but don’t encompass the wide range of possibilities. You may find it interesting to review some videos, case studies and testimonials prior to your session. More on this can be found at Shay Sisler’s ‘QHHT’ and ‘Amazing Testimonials’ page.


Do I really have past lives?

It’s not imperative that you believe in reincarnation to have a successful hypnosis session. In few cases do clients not recall past life information when guided by QHHT, even those who are in disbelief or whom question their ability to relax and accept hypnosis, although it is important to come to your session without expectation and to keep in mind that anything that does come through during your session is valuable, regardless of it’s origin.


How can QHHT benefit me?

Spiritual insight, validation and healing are highly regarded benefits that can be manifested through the use of QHHT. Some report the experience to be like a personal meditation in the way that you access information beyond your normal capability, helpful insight that is applicable to you in this lifetime. In times of personal difficulty, a practitioner guiding you through this process can assist you in rediscovering your power within. People often face a fear shared between two lives and the experience can set them free. The origin of current pain or vulnerabilities can be acknowledged and healed. If you immerse yourself in the testimonials you’ll find that the possibilities are vast!


Can QHHT harm me?

With the length at which your practitioner has trained to facilitate the safest, most effective experience for you, it’s unlikely that any harm can be done to you physically or mentally during your session. With a certified QHHT professional facilitating under QHHT guidelines, code of ethics, with love and light, your higher self’s protection and your full consciousness present, you are in great hands.


What if I can’t reach the desired level of hypnosis?

Your practitioner has no expectations for your experience, and neither should you! Anxiety about having a past life experience is one of few things that can hinder you from having one. This is why you’re encouraged to relax yourself as much as possible, physically and mentally, prior to your session and then surrender to the QHHT process and see for yourself what it’s going to be about for you! At any level of consciousness, good insight can manifest during a QHHT session.


What does a QHHT session cost?

A typical QHHT session can cost between 250.00-350.00 and lasts between 3-5 hours. All your questions are addressed during the session and a recording will be provided to you to review for further insight. A 3 day window of “psychic openness” can allow more insight to come to you as you go about your daily life or while dreaming. Do inquire about QHHT from your practitioner regardless of your financial ability, so she can make you aware of any special opportunities or future events.


How often or how many times can a person see a QHHT practitioner and what benefits might that have?

Although one session typically delivers an abundance of insight, past life recall and answers to all your current life’s questions, if you feel that or your practitioner recommends another session to clarify or amplify your results, you might consider it. If some time has passed and another list of questions grow, you may also schedule another session. Because you can have as many or as few lives behind you as there are people on this planet, you will likely visit different past lives than your first session!